cut-price bookstore about us

We've been booksellers for two generations with forty years of experience behind us- and many more ahead of us too!

The first family bookshop opened in the early 1980s in North Yorkshire.  After a brief attempt at retirement twenty years ago, we've been running thriving bookshops ever since.  The marketplace for actual books has changed significantly since we opened that first bookshop in Whitby, but it's clear that our customers really appreciate having vibrant, good-value bookshops at the heart of the highstreet.

We're always trying to find better ways to meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations, and really appreciate the loyalty and support that our customers have shown us over the years.  We try hard to be awesome and work hard to bring the best books at the best prices to people in Yorkshire and beyond. 

We also offer a merchandised book supply service to select retail outlets.  For more information about our Trade activities please click here.